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Get involved with AWS Amplify by making open source contributions to the project.

Making a contribution

How it works

The steps below outline how to participate. Right now, only accepted PRs will be considered.

Amplify Contributor Program is open to everyone in our Amplify community!

  • The Amplify team will label issues using

  • good first issue
  • for contributors.

The pull request must contain commits you made yourself.

The Amplify team will review the submitted PRs.

Pull requests must be approved by the Amplify Team.

Receive a contributor role in the Amplify Community Discord server.

Start contributing!

Thank you for your interest in contributing! Whether it's a bug report, new feature, correction, or additional documentation, we greatly value feedback and contributions from our community. Check out the issues and discussions in the Amplify projects below to get started!

Quickstart videos

Get your local environment set up quickly by following along with the below videos.

Join the community of Amplify contributors

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